Marketing Strategy Services in Louisville, KY

Long term, forward thinking approach to planning.

An effective marketing strategy will always elevate the repute of a business in the eyes of its consumers, as well as bring in new potential customers.

Research & Planning
Marketing Strategy 1

To provide expert guidance, we carefully study your business model and industry. We look for strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities within your company and in your competitive market. We create a roadmap to growth, helping you improve areas of weakness and avoid market threats, while leveraging your strengths and making the most of opportunities.

Focus Groups

Focus groups help you improve or refine, and avoid mistakes. We pull together focus groups to evaluate public brand perception, new website features, products in development and more. This allows you to tweak your branding, website, product or service offering to better appeal to your audience.

Marketing Strategy 2

Online Surveys

Marketing Strategy 3

It’s crucial to know how customers perceive you, your brand and your services. We help you monitor how you’re doing: how customers feel after contact with your company or after using your product or service. Well designed surveys not only gather useful data, they also improve customer relationships because they show you care what your clients think and want.

Analytics Reviews

Analytics can be complex for you to make sense of on your own. EM Global Group checks your typical website traffic and identifies trends. We can learn which content or campaign generates the most interest and which leads to the highest level of conversions. We can help you understand and refine your customer journey and sales funnel. Expert analysis keeps your business on track and fuels strategies for growth.

Marketing Strategy 4

Content Audit

Marketing Strategy 5

Every page of your website, every blog post and every promotional campaign, tells a story. We make sure all your content is on point and relevant. We make sure all content amplifies your brand and identify areas that can be refined or revamped. We learn what formats are the most successful, and which topics need more coverage, helping you turn your website from unremarkable to stellar.


Designed to create the maximum amount of leads for the lowest cost per acquisition, our marketing strategy is custom created to best match your business’ goals and needs.