The world of commerce can be very fun for business owners, but keeping up with the constantly progressing marketing strategies as well as the progression of technology is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. However, as a business owner, have you ever wondered where did it all start from? The marketing strategies in the olden days were certainly a lot different than what they are now.  But a business owner can never have enough marketing facts or marketing knowledge about different strategies.

Some interesting marketing facts

Interesting Marketing Facts 1

Food Is the Best Tool for Effective Marketing

Statistics from Pinterest show that the one thing people search for the most is food, and it is also the topic of discussions on a lot of forums. With a markup of 57%, researchers believe that by incorporating good food into one’s marketing strategy, the audience is 30% more likely to respond positively.

Interesting Marketing Facts 2

Blogs Are More Effective Than Magazines

Many people still read a lot of magazines and receive monthly subscriptions as well. However,  not a lot of magazine readers are seen purchasing items displayed in magazines. In contrast, blogs are 63 – 70% more likely to influence readers to invest in the items as opposed to magazines.

Interesting Marketing Facts 3

Consumers Attention Spans Are Lower than a Goldfish’s

According to Microsoft Corp, the attention span of the average consumer is 8 seconds.  While is 9 seconds for a goldfish. The bar for consumers was higher but has dropped 4 seconds since the year 2000. This means that without appealing content or appealing marketing, a consumer cannot be expected to pay a good amount of attention to the product.

Interesting Marketing Facts 4

It’s Got to Be Mobile Friendly

With the general population of the world constantly seen glued to their mobile phones. More and more brands are eager to make their websites mobile-friendly. In this day and age, no one really takes the time to open their desktop to view websites and many corporations tend to forget this fact.

Interesting Marketing Facts 5

It’s all about the Videos

In a digital world like ours, consumers are reportedly more likely to play videos than read blogs or articles online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all popular social media platforms have given way to videos. Eventually making it the best way to promote products, brands or simply grasp the attention of your target audience. However, companies posting at least 15 blogs a month see a growth in lead by 1200!

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