Custom Apparel

A step forward to expanding our business.

Our apparel collection is a step forward to expanding our business. We offer endless possibilities for client’s apparel needs, from fashion-forward high-end options and cool promotional giveaways to premium-quality and budget-friendly pieces.

Custom Apparel
Direct to Garment Print
Direct to garment print

With the latest technology at EM Global Group, high-resolution art can be sent directly to the printer and be printed in minutes without any costly setup or screen charges. Our direct-to-garment digital garment printing service offers our clients high-quality print in full range of colors at a competitive price. This type of digital print technology particularly caters to small to mid-size orders.

We are proud to offer the highest quality custom screen prints, one of the oldest and most effective ways to put a design onto a shirt. We are not only committed to printing with high attention to detail and accuracy but also with the highest quality inks and materials available – all this at a price point that is hard to beat! This type of print technology is recommended for large orders.

Screen Printing in Louisville, KY


Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation involves the use of fabric, leaving no noticeable texture on top of the product. This process is most commonly used in making of school jerseys. A very important note about our clothing and t-shirt dye services is that they only work on synthetic materials. This means that any custom apparel order will have to be placed on polyester and/or synthetic blends. The best part of this is that the color never fades.

Sublimation Printing in Louisville, KY

Choosing our custom embroidery services is a smart choice not only for smaller designs and thicker fabrics but also for a three-dimensional look. We embroider using state-of-the-art embroidery machines that not only provide accurate detail but also a multitude of thread color options. We embroider on hats, jackets, work shirts, t-shirts, patches and more.

Apparel Embroidery in Louisville, KY

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