IU Southeast Digital Marketing Conference 2020

EM Global Marketing

Jeremy Eiler will be speaking this Wednesday (3/4/2020) at IU Southeast on digital marketing for small businesses. This year’s Digital Marketing Conference is driven by professionals within the field of marketing. This conference is not only a great learning experience for students, but also to marketing and business professionals in the greater Louisville area. Find […]

Differentiation Strategy

Differentiation Strategy 2

Your business is set. You’ve developed a strong plan, you know your market, and you’re ready to become a success. But what sets you apart from everyone else? What makes your business unique? Many small businesses compete on price. However, competing on price will make your product seem cheap. No one wants a product that […]

Why Is It Important For a Company to Have an Optimized Website?

SEO Rocket

Are your curious about web designs or tricks for web development? Back in 2016, Google announced their very first mobile index. It completely changed the structure of digital marketing. Since websites were now ranked according to the quality of their mobile sites. It is different from desktop versions. According to different studies, almost 57% of […]

Why Marketing Your Business Is Important?

Why Marketing Your Business Is Important? 4

The local marketing strategy of a business can either make it or break it. And the ball is always in the business owner’s court in this regard. There are two aspects i.e; how well a business flourishes or how high the chances of success are for any business. This directly correlates to how much time […]