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EM Global is a full service marketing firm that specializes in Marketing Strategy. Contact us today to get a free Marketing Assessment.

Small businesses start with an idea, motivation, and hard work. EM Global Group formerly known as Elier Marketing is a direct reflection of all three. Ran out of the Louisville and Minneapolis markets, we help businesses grow by offering a diverse range of marketing services, mixing together the perfect blend of strategy, design, content, marketing, and technology. Whether your business is new, old, or somewhere in between, EM Global Group will help you reach your ideal market.

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Our dedicated team is determined to provide you quality services for Social media marketing, Content and Design. We help our clients in content surveys, research planning and super efficient content audit.

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Social Media

Our social media experts are involved in unique content creation and deployment. We make sure it gets advertised in the most efficient social media strategy. We regularly conduct social media profile audit and monitor the proper management of profiles.


We properly plan the strategic layout. The key points focused are conduction of online surveys, management of analytic reviews, research & planning. By the quality research and planning we keep track of progress by auditing the content.

Content & Design

We realize your need of aesthetically efficient web design and provide you with the best logos, illustrations, info graphics and style guides. Our team will boost the outreach of brand messaging by proper content marketing, adwords and proper SEO optimization.


You can trust us with your unique domain registration and cost-effective web hosting services. We make sure you don’t worry about SSL as well.

We believe that great marketing tells your story in a way that compels people to act

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